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Who Should Buy Term Life Insurance?

Author: Denise

There are a wide range of life insurance products that are floating in the market. Choosing the right life insurance policy involves assessing your particular situation and evaluating the right policy for you. It is imperative to choose the right life insurance that fits your bill or which can be customized to suit your particular needs.

Unlike whole life insurance, term life insurance is purchased to cover a limited term period. Term life pays the insured sum only when the insured dies within the time span of the policy. Term life policies do not accrue any cash value. So if you live past the length of the policy, you won’t receive any money. It is also important to understand that premiums for term life policies may not be fixed, and may increase from time to time. To avoid this, be sure to look for a guaranteed level premium term life insurance policy. These policies guarantee a level premium throughout the term period.

Advantages of a Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance covers the maximum insurance for your money. It can be beneficial for those families that have more financial obligations than current assets. Here are some of the advantages of a term insurance:

Term life insurance offers the most affordable premiums against high death benefits.

Term life insurance is the most simple life insurance product available in the market.

Competitive Pricing
Since term life policies are simple in nature, they can be easily compared on the basis of price and features. This makes term life insurance an appealing commodity in a very competitive market.

Term Life policies may include "renewability" and "convertability" options. The renewability feature enables you to renew your term policy at the end of the term, without having to undergo a medical exam. A convertible feature allows you to convert your term life policy into an equivalent whole life policy, which accrues cash value, should you feel the need to switch to a permanent policy.

Waiver of premium
There is an additional optional feature called "waiver of premium", which means that in the event of your inability to pay premiums due to circumstances stipulated in the term life insurance contract, the insurance company will waive payments for a stipulated time. However, this feature comes with an extra charge.

Short Term Coverage to Suit Your Needs
Term life is suitable for short term coverage. If your mortgage can be paid up in ten years you may want to choose a term policy for ten years. Most people do not envisage requiring life insurance in their senior years, so a term life policy makes sense for short term financial planning.

Deciding If a Term Life Insurance Policy is Right for You
Deciding the right life insurance policy is a very important step in securing your family’s future. If you are looking for a low cost, budget friendly life insurance plan, choosing a term life insurance policy would be your best option. Moreover, term life insurance is a good choice for people on fixed incomes and with a growing family. If you have a mortgage, educational loans, estate taxes or other liabilities, your sudden death would place an overwhelming financial burden on your family. Term life insurance provides high death benefits at the most affordable rates. This is why term life policies are the most popular life insurance policy. You should determine the amount of life insurance coverage that enables your family to clear all debts and provide a tidy some for their future. You may want to include college funds for your children in your coverage.

Here is a quick check-list that can help you to decide if a low cost term life insurance policy is right for you:

  • If you’re on a budget and cannot afford a very high premium.
  • If you are young, and in good health. You can take advantage of low premium rates.
  • If you are looking for a simple, straight-forward, low cost life insurance plan to protect your beneficiaries.

Most people need life insurance and term life is suitable for all stages of life. Term life policies offer a cheap option to suit your needs. Term life is also easy to purchase. Many online life insurance providers have access to hundreds of reliable life insurance companies. By feeding in your personal information, you can receive numerous quotes for comparison within minutes. Remember to be completely honest in answering questionnaires. Use sites that are absolutely safe and are certified by the Better Business Bureau to safeguard your interests. Many online sites, provide cheap initial quotes to attract customers. They may end up being a disappointment.

Many people think they may not be eligible for a term life policy or they will have to pay high premiums because they suffer from certain health conditions. But there are online life insurance providers who can help you find life insurance companies that may look more favorably on certain medical conditions than the regular life insurance companies. This is where shopping around for term life policies will come into play. If your health is poor, you may want to check out these Insurance FAQs for help in how to find companies that may be able to offer you more favorable quotes even if you do suffer from certain medical conditions.


Choosing the right life insurance that suits your needs is simple once you’ve studied your options thoroughly. Utilize the Internet's resources to educate yourself about life insurance basics. Factor in your personal situation, present debts and future liabilities and you will be able to gauge how much life coverage your family would need. Many online insurance quote providers can help you with your queries and offer professional advice on choosing the right policy for your particular situation. And once you factored in all the scenarios, and have numerous term life policies to evaluate, choosing a life insurance not only becomes easy, but beneficial too.

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